MEAT at the BBQ


We've created some BBQ favourites, all prepped and ready to go. All you need to do is get the BBQ lit, have the alcoholic drinks on standby and good company around you. With a lick of flame, our BBQ meats take out the preparation work, so you can entertain and enjoy the food.

Each is enough to feed 2 people, unless stated, in which case it'll feed more. We vac pack them to lock in flavours and ensure maximum freshness. Choose from the following meat selection

Guiness Glazed Beef Brisket (approx 1.5kg, feeds 5-6 ppl) £23.50 

BBQ Glazed Perfect Pulled Pork Neck (approx 1.2kg, feed 4-5 ppl) £15.00

Paprika Rubbed Ox Cheek (approx 450-500g) £9.95

French Garden marinated Spatchcock Chicken £14.00

2 x 200g Chimichurri Sirloin Steaks £17.00

2 x Alabama Chicken Legs £4.50

BBQ Spare Ribs (10 bone) £11.75

4 x 150g Satay Beef Skewers £15.00

Big Daddy Tomahawk £34.00