At Meat London, we make no apology for not selling cheap chicken. For us, it’s all about slow, natural growth, fresh air and quality feeding. You can’t rush a good chicken

The chickens we sell come from farms where the animals have plenty of space to roam and forage for themselves. At night, they are returned to spacious barns, with good bedding, food and water, where they can be protected from predators. Their feed is supplemented with omega rich sileage, and sometimes corn. Our Herb Fed Farm chickens get to nibble on fresh, garden herbs from mangers in the fields.

Our shops maintain a good supply of ducks, guinea fowl, rabbit and venison and there is usually chicken carcass available for those wanting to make stock or soup.  

From the Glorious 12th August (the start of the Grouse season) through to the end of January, we keep a splendid range of wild game from protected game moors. We prepare all of our game birds in house so that we can guarantee the age and quality.     

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