About Us

Meat London came about because two Stoke Newington residents felt that Stoke Newington Church Street would benefit from a good Butchers Shop.

Marc Wise and Richard Jocelyn set about putting their plan into action, and invited Paul Grout to join them as the ‘Butcher’.

‘Meat N16’ opened in August 2011, to be followed in 2014 by ‘Meat NW5’ in Tufnell Park. The plan was to develop old fashioned, British butcher’s shops in a clean, bright, modern environment. Paul invited a number of ex colleagues and friends to help him and off they went. It’s amazing, and testament to the nature of the business, that the original Team of five is still together some nine years later. From the outset it was clear that the enthusiasm and support from local residents at both sites would prove to be a recipe for success.

The ethos has always been to source best quality British meat, poultry, game, cheese, deli and wines, and to supplement them with some of the finest International products and ingredients avaiable. The Company blends a practical approach of ensuring perfect animal welfare and husbandry, environmentally friendly purchasing and delivery and the need to fulfil the wishes of the customer base. Mixed in with this, Meat London likes to keep the customers entertained with a programme of Butchery Classes, BBQ Training Events, Competitions and weekend Wine Tastings.

Today, the Company has fulfilled its ambition to provide one of London’s finest butchery, deli and wine offerings, while maintaining a fun and informative experience for the customers …

Maybe you can have your meat, and eat it !!