Le Chevre Noir D' Argental


Amongst our Team's favourite cheeses. It melts in the mouth and is soft and light. The Chèvre Noire is made from pure, raw goat’s milk and is hand moulded with a ladle. It is made in the French Berry region where it is more commonly known as “Morbier de Chèvre”. Through the middle runs a fine layer of ash. The Chèvre Noire is stored in the ripening cellar for at least 21 days where it is regularly turned so that it can ripen evenly. During this time a natural rind with surface mould forms, giving the cheese its characteristic goat aromas with hazelnut, mushroom and brushwood notes. The thin layer of ash gives the cheese a lovely look that will brighten up a cheeseboard.

Milk treatment: Unpasteurised goat's milk

Country of Origin: France